NASSR Policy on Harassment and Discrimination [Nov 2017]

The Executive and Advisory Boards of NASSR condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination, exploitation, and violence, verbal and/ or physical. We affirm the equal right of all emerging and established colleagues, regardless of race, background, gender identity and expression, employment status, and/ or dis/ability, to participate meaningfully in the activities of NASSR. We deplore any action that results in, or may be predicted to result in, differential access. We encourage NASSR members to be mindful of factors that may result in such inequalities.

The Executive and Advisory Boards of NASSR also deplore all developments in the policing of national borders that create difficulties for scholars wishing to present their work at conferences in other countries or prevent them from doing so, whether these difficulties are the result of discriminatory laws or discriminatory practices on the part of border officials. For its own part, NASSR is committed to open borders in scholarship, and will try to find alternative forms in which affected scholars can present their work at our conferences.