Conference Archive

29th Annual Conference (2023) 
"Romanticism and Justice," Huntsville, Texas, 30 March - 1 April 2023. Hosted by Sam Houston State University.  
28th Annual Conference (2022), 3rd NASSR/BARS conference 
"New Romanticisms," Ormskirk & Liverpool, 2-5 August 2022. Hosted by Edge Hill University.  
27th Annual Conference (2019)
"Romantic Elements," Chicago, Illinois, August 8-11. Hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago.  
26th Annual Conference (2018)
"Open," Providence, Rhode Island. Hosted by Brown University. 
25th Annual Conference (2017) 
"Romantic Life," Ottawa, Ontario, 10-13 August. Hosted by Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.
24th Annual Conference (2016)
"Romanticism and its Discontents," Berkeley, California, 11-14 August. Hosted by UC Berkeley. 
23rd Annual Conference (2015)
"Romanticism and Rights," Winnipeg, Manitoba, 13-16 August. Hosted by the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg.
22nd Annual Conference (2014) 
"Romantic Organizations," Washington, D.C., 10-13 July. Sponsored by American University, Georgetown University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, The Library of Congress and Music Division and the University of Maryland at College Park.
Supernumerary Conference (2014) 
"Romantic Connections," Tokyo, Japan.
21st Annual Conference (2013) 
"Romantic Movements," Boston, Massachusetts (Boston University and The College of the Holy Cross).
Supernumerary Conference (2013) 
"Romanticism and Knowledge," Munich (joint between the Gesellschaft fur englische Romantik and NASSR).
20th Annual Conference (2012) 
"Romantic Prospects," 15-19 August, 2012, Neuchâtel, Switzerland (co-hosted by the University of Neuchâtel and the University of Zurich).
19th Annual Conference (2011) 
"Romanticism and Independence," 11-14 August, Park City, Utah (co-hosted by Brigham Young University and the University of Utah).
18th Annual Conference (2010) 
"Romantic Mediations," August 18-22, 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia (co-hosted by Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia). 
17th Annual Conference (2009) 
"Romanticism & Modernity," May 21-24, 2009, Duke University. 
16th Annual Conference (2008)
"Romantic Diversity," 21-24 August 2008, University of Toronto. 
Supernumerary Conference (2008) 
"(Trans)National Identities / Reimagining Communities," 12-15 March 2008, Bologna, Italy.
 15th Annual Conference (2007), 2nd joint NASSR/BARS conference. 
"Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom," 26-29 July 2007, Bristol, UK. 
14th Annual Conference (2006) 
"Scientia and Techne," 31 August - 3 September 2006, Purdue University.  This conference will be dovetailed with the annual meeting of the North American Victorian Studies Association
13th Annual Conference (2005), dovetailed with the biannual conference of the International Gothic Association
"Deviance and Defiance," 14-17 August 2005, Montreal. The NASSR conference will be dovetailed with the IGA conference on the same theme of "Deviance and Defiance" (11-14 August 2005) to foster intellectual exchanges between the two groups. 
12th Annual Conference (2004) 
"Romantic Cosmopolitanism," 9-12 September 2004, University of Colorado. The conference will be held at the Millennium Hotel in beautiful and sublime Boulder, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Plenary speakers will be Ann Bermingham (UC Santa Barbara), Angela Esterhammer (U of Western Ontario), and David Simpson (UC Davis). 2004 Conference Programme 
11th Annual Conference (2003) 
"Placing Romanticism:  Sites, Borders, Forms," 1-5 August 2003, Fordham University. 
10th Annual Conference (2002) 
"Romanticism and History," 22-25 August 2002, Univ. of Western Ontario. 2002 Conference Programme
9th Annual Conference (2001) 
"Romantic Subjects," 16-19 August 2001, Univ. of Washington (Seattle).
8th Annual Conference (2000) 
"Romanticism and the Physical," 14-17 September 2000 (Tempe AZ), co-hosted by Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. 2000 Conference Programme 
7th Annual Conference (1999)
"Romanticism and the New," 12-15 August 1999, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.   (Dovetailed with the biannual conference of the International Gothic Association.) 
6th Annual Conference (1998) (NASSR/BARS) 
"1798 and Its Implications," 6-10 July 1998 (St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill, England); first joint conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism and the British Association for Romantic Studies 
5th Annual Conference (1997)
"Romanticism and Its Others," 23-26 October 1997 (McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario) 
4th Annual Conference (1996) 
"Romantic Crossings," 14-16 November 1996 (Univ. of Massachussets-Boston and Boston College) 
3rd Annual Conference (1995) 
"The Cultural Legacies of Romanticism," July 1995 (Univ. of Maryland-Baltimore County) 
2nd Annual Conference (1994) 
"The Political and Aesthetic Education of Romanticism," November 1994 (Duke Univ.) 
Inaugural Conference (1993) 
"Romanticism and the Ideologies of Genre," 26-29 August 1993 (Univ. of Western Ontario) 
Note: Conference programmes for the first seven NASSR conferences (1993-1999) are available via the Conference Archive at Romantic Circles.