In 2014, NASSR established four caucuses to support broadly defined but under-represented areas of the discipline, with the goal of creating a sustaining and vibrant presence in those areas at the conference in the long term. In 2018 we added a fifth. Our hope is that scholars in those areas, knowing that several sessions will be dedicated to their areas of study each year, will frequently attend annual conferences and invite other scholars in those fields, who may not as yet attend, to join in, thereby making possible a more varied and dynamic gathering of scholars.

The five caucuses are as follows; interested members are invited to contact the listed representatives:

"Race and Empire Studies," Atesede Makonnen arm2311[at] 

"Science, Medicine, and Psychology," Lisa Ann Robertson: lisaann.robertson[at]

"Comparative Literature and Thought," Gabriel Trop: gtrop[at] 

"History of the Book, Editing, and Textual Studies," Julia S. Carlson: carlsojs[at]

"Theory & Philosophy," David Sigler: dsigler[at]


Please note that graduate students are warmly invited to participate in all of these groups.