Advice About Civility and Professional Conduct at NASSR Conferences


As a scholarly organization dedicated to bringing together scholars from around the world to discuss new research, participate in conference activities, and build their professional networks, NASSR is committed to providing an inclusive environment for everyone.  Accordingly, the Executive and Advisory Boards of NASSR condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination, exploitation, and violence, verbal and/or physical.  We affirm the equal right of all colleagues, regardless of race, background, national origin, religion, age, gender identity and expression, employment status, professional status, and/or dis/ability, to participate meaningfully in the activities of NASSR.  We deplore any action that results in, or may be predicted to result in, differential access.  We encourage NASSR members to be mindful of factors that may result in such inequalities. 


NASSR is committed to maintaining an environment of mutual respect and collegiality in all its sessions. Registration at the conference and receipt of this document constitutes an agreement to uphold these same values during conference sessions and seminars, in other academic and social interactions during the conference, and in NASSR-related activities throughout the year.


This statement does not create any legally enforceable protections or obligations on the part of NASSR, nor is it a basis for civil liability.  As a voluntary professional organization that is legally and structurally quite different from a university, NASSR is limited in the measures it can take regarding any incident of misconduct or harassment.  If you believe a member of NASSR has committed a crime against another member during a NASSR conference, please report any such incident to the police immediately.  In this case, and also if the incident falls short of a crime, please also advise NASSR by contacting a member of the NASSR Executive or Advisory Boards.  However, NASSR has no ability to intervene legally or to adjudicate any charges of sexual or other harassment. You are advised to report the incident to the appropriate office at your own university and to contact the relevant office in the university of the person you believe to be guilty of misconduct that is authorized to handle such charges.


If there is a finding of misconduct by an appropriate body that applies to the incident reported to NASSR, you may share the official finding with NASSR, which will take action against the person charged in matters that pertain to the individual’s membership in NASSR.  These measures can include warning or suspending the person from attendance at the conference, removing them from any official position in NASSR, or banning them from attending the conference in future.


This advice has been drafted after consultation with other learned societies.

(November 2019)