We will not be accepting new members for 2016 at this point (November 1, 2016). Membership will re-open January 1, 2017. 


If you have taken out a membership in the last 12 months, it has been set to terminate Dec 31 in order to bring all memberships into line with the calendar year. You will receive all issues of ERR for 2016 regardless of when you registered as a member. 


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The North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) was founded at the University of Western Ontario in 1991 by a group of faculty members and graduate students. NASSR was established to provide a forum for the discussion of a wide variety of theoretical approaches to Romantic works of all genres and disciplines.  NASSR members from North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia work in a wide range of disciplines, including History, Art History, Women's Studies, Philosophy, Music, Political Economy, and Literature; their interests encompass American, Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Russian, Scottish, and Spanish Romanticism.  

NASSR sponsors regular conferences on subjects relevant to the international and interdisciplinary study of Romanticism, and is particularly eager to forge interdisciplinary and international ties through associations with other academic societies.
Executive Committee:
James Allard (Brock University) - Secretary-Treasurer
Chris Bundock (University of Regina)
David Collings (Bowdoin College)
Angela Esterhammer (University of Toronto)
Tilottama Rajan (University of Western Ontario)

Newsletter Editor: 
Elizabeth Effinger (University of New Brunswick)  

Ex Officio:
Frederick Burwick (University of California, Los Angeles)
Michelle Faubert (Manitoba)

Advisory Board:
Miranda Burgess (British Columbia) to Dec '17
Mary Favret (Indiana - Bloomington) to Dec '16
Sara Guyer (Wisconsin - Madison) to Dec '17
Nicholas Halmi (Oxford) to Dec '16
Jonathan Mulrooney (Holy Cross) to Dec '17
Susan Oliver (Essex) to Dec '18
Alexander Regier (Rice) to Dec '16
Gabriel Trop (UNC) to Dec '18
Orrin Wang (Maryland) to Dec '18