ERR Conference Issues

The third issue each year is the ERR Conference issue.

2016 (ERR 27.3) | Romanticism and Rights. Guest Editors: Michelle Faubert and Peter Melville.
Michelle Faubert and Peter Melville, "Introduction: Romanticism and Rights"
Joel Faflak, "Right to Romanticism"
Kevin Hutchings, "Cultural Genocide and the First Nations of Upper Canada: Some Romantic-era Roots of Canada's Residential School System"
Warren Cariou, "Indigenous Rights and the Undoomed Indian"
Sophie Thomas, "Human Objects, Object Rights: from Elgin's Marbles to Bullock's Laplanders"
Lisa Vargo, "Anna Barbauld and Natural Rights: The Case of 'Inscription for an Ice-House'"
Kathryn Ready, "Meliorating Much? Malthus, the Aikin Family, and Post-Revolutionary Dissenting (and Gender) Politics"
Jillian Heydt-Stevenson and Kurtis Hessel, "Queen Mab, Wollstonecraft, and Spinoza: Teaching 'Nature's Primal Modesty'"
George C. Grinnell, "Equiano's Refusal: Slavery, Suicide Bombing, and Negation"
Gerold Sedlmayr, "Ownership of the Body, the Sacralization of the Person, and the Right to Bodily Integrity in William Godwin's Caleb Williams
Mary Favret, "The Right to Work, the Right to Live"
Joshua D. Lambier, "A Capacity to Resist: Kant's Aesthetics and the Right of Revolution"
Lise Gaston, "Gossip Economies: Jane Austen, Lady Susan, and the Right to Self-Fashion"
Jennifer L. Hargrave, "Romanticizing the Chinese Landscape" 

2015 (ERR 26.3) | Organizing Romanticism. Guest Editors: Patrick R. O'Malley and Richard C. Sha.
Patrick R. O'Malley and Richard C. Sha, "Introduction: Organizing Romanticism"
Elizabeth A. Fay, "Romantic Egypt, Monumentality and Shifting Sands"
Miranda Burgess, "Sydney Owenson's Tropics"
Rei Terada, "Hegel and the Prehistory of the Postracial"
Arkady Plotnitsky, “'Wandering beneath the Unthinkable': Organization and Probability in Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century"
Jonathan Kramnick, "An Aesthetics and Ecology of Presence"
Peter Dear, "Romanticism and Victorian Scientific Naturalism"
Arden Hegele, "Romantic Autopsy and Wordsworth's Two-Part Prelude"
Kevis Goodman, "Reading Motion: Coleridge's 'Free Spirit' and its Medical Background"
Tilottama Rajan, "Blake's Body Without Organs: The Autogenesis of the System in the Lambeth Books"
Peter Otto, "Organizing the Passions: Minds, Bodies, Machines, and the Sexes in Blake and Swedenborg"
Mary A. Favret, "Lessons from a Purblind World"
Michael Rossington, "William Michael Rossetti and the Organization of Percy Bysshe Shelley in the Later Nineteenth Century"

2014 (ERR 25.3) | Romantic Movements. Guest Editor: Jonathan Mulrooney.
Jonathan Mulrooney, "Introduction: Romantic Movements"
Miranda Burgess, "Transporting Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Mobile Figures"
Brecht de Groote, "The Glory of Motion: Re-Reading Movement in Thomas De Quincey and Adam Smith"
Emily Rohrbach, "Reading the Heart, Reading the World: Keats's Historiographical Aesthetic"
Scott J. Juengel, "Late Hospitality: Kant, Radcliffe, and the Assassin at the Gate"
Peter Otto, “'Where am I, and what?' – Architecture, Environment, and the Transformation of Experience in Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho"
Carmen Faye Mathes, “'Let us not therefore go hurrying about': Towards an Aesthetics of Passivity in Keats's Poetics"
Forest Pyle, "Skylark-Image: or, the Vitality of Disappearance"
Cathy Collett, "Every Child Left Behind: St. Leon and William Godwin's Immortal Future"
Ashley Cross, "To 'buzz lamenting doings in the air': Romantic Flies, Insect Poets, and Authorial Sensibility"
Sean Franzel, "Romantic Encyclopedics and the Lecture Form: Schelling, A.W. Schlegel, A. von Humboldt"
Jacob Risinger, "Transatlantic Fate: Emerson, Cavell, and Beautiful Necessity"
Paul Giles, "Romanticism's Antipodean Spectres: Don Juan and the Transgression of Space and Time"
Peter J. Manning, "Wordsworth in Youth and Age"
Karen Swann, "Teaching Jerusalem"

2013 (ERR 24.3) | Romantic Prospects. Guest Editors: Angela Esterhammer, Diane Piccitto, and Patrick Vincent.
Angela Esterhammer, Diane Piccitto, and Patrick Vincent, "Introduction: Romantic Prospects"
Robert Darnton, "Blogging, Now and Then (250 Years Ago)"
Morton D. Paley, "William Blake's 'Portable Fresco'”
David M. Baulch, “'Like a pillar of fire above the Alps': William Blake and the Prospect of Revolution"
Joshua D. Gonsalves, "The Encrypted Prospect: Existentialist Phenomenology, Deconstruction and Speculative Realism in 'To Autumn'”
Lisa Vargo, "The Romantic Prospects of the Duke of Richmond's Moose"
Jessica Fay, "Prospects of Contemplation: Wordsworth's Winter Garden at Coleorton, 1806–1811"
Nicholas M. Williams, “'Literally or figuratively?': Embodied Perception and Figurative Prospect in Mansfield Park"
Markus Iseli, "Thomas De Quincey and the Cognitive Prospects of the Unconscious"
Peter Melville, "Strangers Among Us: Figures of Refuge in Caleb Williams and St. Leon"
Jillian M. Hess, "Reframing Poetry: The Romantic Essay and the Prospects of Verse"
Tom Mole, “'We solemnly proscribe this poem': Performative Utterances in the Romantic Periodicals"
Stuart Curran, "Robin Jackson: Restoring Women's Literary Culture"
Kate Flint, “'More rapid than the lightning's flash': Photography, Suddenness, and the Afterlife of Romantic Illumination"

2012 (ERR 23.3) | Romanticism and Independence. Guest Editors: Andrew Franta and Nicholas Mason 
Andrew Franta and Nicholas Mason, "Introduction"

David Simpson, "Looking Back at Romanticism, Nationalism and the Revolt Against Theory"
Anne Frey, "Romantic Nationalism and the British State"

Jeffrey N. Cox, "Running in the Shadows: Revisiting In the Shadows of Romance: Romantic Tragic Drama in Germany, England, and France"
Gillen D’Arcy Wood, "'Have You Met Miss Ford?' or, Accomplishment Revisited"

Tilottama Rajan, "Romanticism and the Unfinished Project of Deconstruction"
Nicholas Halmi, "'Telling Stories About Romantic Theory'"

Frances Ferguson, "Reflections on Burke, Kant, and Solitude and the Sublime"
Anne-Lise François, "'Untouched by morning – / And untouched by noon –': Succession Without Sequel"

Neil Fraistat, "Textual Addressability and the Future of Editing"
Andrew Stauffer, "The Nineteenth-Century Archive in the Digital Age"

Anne Mellor, "Thoughts on Romanticism and Gender"
Devoney Looser, "Feminist Pioneers, Feminist Classics: Reflections on Age and Generation in Scholarship on Romantic-Era Women’s Writings"

Marjorie Levinson, "Reflections on the New Historicism"
Mark Canuel, "Historicism, Formalism, and 'Tintern Abbey'"

Jon Klancher, "Configuring Romanticism and Print History: A Retrospect"
Andrew Piper, "Vanishing Points: The Heterotopia of the Romantic Book"
Alan Bewell, "Romanticism and Colonial Environmental History"
Denise Gigante, "Organizing Romanticism"

Graduate Student Prize Essay
Brittany Pladek, "'Soothing Thoughts': Romantic Palliative Care and the Poetics of Relief"

2011 (ERR 22.3) | Romantic Mediations. Guest Editors: Miranda Burgess, Alexander Dick and Michelle Levy 
Miranda Burgess, Alexander Dick, and Michelle Levy, "Introduction: Romantic Mediations"
Clifford Siskin and William Warner, "If This Is Enlightenment Then What Is Romanticism?"
Sonia Hofkosh, "Early Photography’s Late Romanticism"
Jonathan Sachs, "The Time of Decline"
Jonathan Mulrooney, "Keats's Avatar"
Andrew Franta, "Publication and Mediation in 'The English Mail-Coach'"
Kristen Mahlis, "Signifying Toussaint: Wordsworth and Martineau"
Anahid J. Nersessian, "Empire and Attachment: A Transnational Tale"
Andrew Elfenbein, "How to Analyze a Correspondence: The Example of Byron and Murray"
Heather J. Jackson, "What’s Biography Got to Do with It?"
Andrew Stauffer, "Hemans by the Book"
Jon Saklofske, "Remediating William Blake: Unbinding the Network Architectures of Blake’s Songs"
Iwan Rhys Morus, "What Happened to Scientific Sensation?"
Amanda Jo Goldstein, "Obsolescent Life: Goethe’s Journals on Morphology "
Alexander Schlutz, "The Mirror of Laughter: Mediation, Self-Reflection, and Healing in E.T.A. Hoffmann's Princess Brambilla"
Fannina Waubert de Puiseau, "In Search of a Theater: Staging Byron’s Cain"

2010 (ERR 21.3) | Romanticism and Modernity. Guest Editors: Robert Mitchell and Thomas Pfau 
Rob Mitchell and Thomas Pfau, "Introduction"
David E. Wellbery, "Romanticism and Modernity: Epistemological Continuities and Discontinuities"
Joan Steigerwald, "Natural Purposes and the Reflecting Power of Judgment: The Problem of the Organism in Kant’s Critical Philosophy"
Tilottama Rajan, "Excitability: The (Dis)Organization of Knowledge from Schelling’s First Outline (1799) to Ages of the World (1815)"
Ted Underwood, "If Romantic Historicism Shaped Modern Fundamentalism, Would that Count as Secularization?"
David Collings, "After the Covenant: Romanticism, Secularization, and Disastrous Transcendence"
Vivasvan Soni, "Modernity and the Fate of Utopian Representation in Wordsworth’s 'Female Vagrant'"
Christopher Bundock, "'A feeling that I was not for that hour / Nor for that place': Wordsworth’s Modernity"
Terry Pinkard, "How to Move From Romanticism to Post-Romanticism: Schelling, Hegel, and Heine"

2009 (ERR 20.2) | Romantic Diversity.
Alan Bewell, "Introduction" 
Jeffrey Cox, "'Diverse, sheer opposite, antipodes': Diversity, Opposition, and Community in Romantic Culture" 
Martha Jane Musgrove, "The Semi-Detached Flâneuse: Feminine Diversity in Romantic London" 
Sophie Thomas, "'Things on Holiday': Collections, Museums, and the Poetics of Unruliness" 
Rei Terada, "Living a Ruined Life: de Quincey Beyond the Worst" 
Theresa M. Kelley, "Restless Romantic Plants: Goethe meets Hegel" 
Lily Gurton-Wachter, "'An Enemy, I suppose, that Nature has made': Charlotte Smith and the Natural Enemy" 
Melissa Bailes, "Hybrid Britons: West Indian Colonial Identity and Maria Riddell’s Natural History" 
Jacqueline Labbe, "The Hybrid Poems of Smith and Wordsworth: Questions and Disputes" 
Julia Carlson, "Prose Mesurée in the Lakes Tour and Guide: Quoting and Recalibrating English Blank Verse" 
J. Mark Smith, "The Rippling of Verschiedenheit: Wilhelm von Humboldt on Philology, Usage and Intra-Linguistic Diversity"
Deborah Elise White, "The Burning Library: Benjamin, Hugo, and the Critique of Violence"
Nikki Hessel, "Romantic Literature and Indigenous Languages: Reading Felicia Hemans in Te Reo Māori"
Esther Schor, "Universal Romanticism"

2008 (ERR 19.2) | Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom (BARS/NASSR 2007). Guest Editors: Nick Groom, John Halliwell, Tilottama Rajan 
Nick Groom, John Halliwell, and Tilottama Rajan, "Introduction" 
Thomas Pfau, "Beyond liberal Utopia: freedom as the problem of modernity"
David Worrall, "Chinese Indians: a James Gillray print, Covent Garden's The Loves of Bengal, and the eighteenth-century Asian economic ascendancy" 
Julie Joosten, "'Minute particulars' and the visionary labor of words"
Sue Chaplin, "A supplement: Godwin's case for justice" 
Alexander Dick, "Romanticism, liberalism, criticism"
Joshua Lambier, "The organismic state against itself: Schelling, Hegel and the life of right" 
David L. Clark, "Schelling's wartime: philosophy and violence in the age of Napoleon"
Robin Jarvis, "Madoc in Scotland: a transatlantic perspective on 'Stepping Westward'" 
Jacqueline M. Labbe, "'The absurdity of animals having the passions and the faculties of man': Charlotte Smith's Fables (1807)"
Julie M. Barst, "Transporting the picturesque: Australia through the Claude Lorraine Glass"
Lisa Vargo, "Mary Shelley, Corinne, and 'the mantle of enthusiasm'" 
Peter Melville, "Monstrous ingratitude: hospitality in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
Lynda Pratt and Tim Fulford, "Editing Robert Southey for the twenty-first century"

2007 (ERR 18.2) | Scientia and Techne. Guest Editor: Dino Franco Felluga 
Dino Franco Felluga, "Introduction"
The Low-Down on Romantic Theater (Section Introduction by Emily Allen) 
Julie A. Carlson, "New Lows in Eighteenth-Century Theater: The Rise of Mungo" 
Daniel O'Quinn, "Bread: The Eruption and Interruption of Politics in Elizabeth Inchbald's Every One Has His Fault"
Laura Mandell, "Producing Hate in 'Private' Letters: Horace Walpole, Mary Hays" 
Jim Davis, "The Sublime of Tragedy in Low Life"
Theory, Late and Latest (Section Introduction by Dino Franco Felluga) 
Noel Jackson, "Archaeologies of Perception: Reading Wordsworth after Foucault" 
Jane Moody, "Thomas Brown [alias Thomas Moore], Censorship and Regency Cryptography" 
Laura George, "'The technique of ordinary poetry': Coleridgean Notes toward a Genealogy of Technique"
Romanticism and Life Science - Questions of Method (Section Introduction by Geraldine Friedman) 
Dahlia Porter, "Scientific Analogy and Literary Taxonomy in Darwin's Loves of the Plants"
David Collings, "The Discipline of Death: Knowledge and Power in An Essay on the Principle of Population"
Thomas Pfau, "Of Ends and Endings: Teleological and Variational Models of Romantic Narrative"
Romantic Organicisms and Romantic Multiplicities (Section Introduction by Arkady Plotnitsky) 
Peter B. Ford, "Aestheticizing the Laboratory: "Delirium," the Chemists, and the Boundaries of Language"
Joan Steigerwald, "Figuring Nature: Ritter's Galvanic Inscriptions"
Denise Gigante, "Zeitgeist"
Graduate Student Essay Award 
Dimitri Karkoulis, "'They pluck'd the tree of Science / And sin': Byron's Cain and the Science of Sacrilege"
Michael O'Neill, "'Inspiration Is Inspiration': In Memory of Robert Woof and Jonathan Wordsworth"

2006 (ERR 17.2) | Deviance and Defiance. Guest Editors: Joel Faflak and Michael Eberle-Sinatra 
Joel Faflak and Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Introduction: "Deviance and Defiance" 
Tim Fulford, "Romantic Indians and their Inventors" 
Rebecca Cole Heinowitz, "'Thy World, Columbus, Shall Be Free': British Romantic Deviance and Spanish American Revolution" 
A. A. Markley, "Aristocrats Behaving Badly: Gambling and Dueling in the 1790s Novel of Reform" 
Laura Mandell, "Producing Hate in 'Private' Letters: Horace Walpole, Mary Hays" 
Emily Rohrbach, "Anna Barbauld’s History of the Future: A Deviant Way to Poetic Agency" 
Peter J. Manning, "The Persian Wordsworth" 
Cara Norris, "The Suspension of Habeas Corpus and Narrative Proliferation in Wordsworth’s The Borderers
Nancy Yousef, "Wordsworth, Sentimentalism, and the Defiance of Sympathy" 
Terry F. Robinson, "'A mere skeleton of history': Reading Relics in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey
Joanna Aroutian, "The Sexual Family in Mansfield Park"
Daniela Garofalo, "'A Left-Handed Way': Modern Masters in William Godwin’s Caleb Williams"
Matthew Scott, "John Keats and the Aesthetics of TopsyiTurvy"

2005 (ERR 16.2) | Romantic Cosmopolitanism. Guest Editors: Jillian Heydt-Stevenson and Jeffrey N. Cox 
Jillian Heydt-Stevenson and Jeffrey N. Cox, "Introduction: Are Those Who Are ‘Strangers Nowhere in the World’ at Home Anywhere: Thinking about Romantic Cosmopolitanism" 
David Simpson, "The Limits of Cosmopolitanism and the Case for Translation" 
Angela Esterhammer, "The Cosmopolitan Improvvisatore: Spontaneity and Performance in Romantic Poetics" 
Alan Bewell, "William Jones and Cosmopolitan Natural History" 
Paul Youngquist, "The Afro Futurism of DJ Vassa" 
Courtney Wennerstrom, "Cosmopolitan Bodies and Dissected Sexualities: Anatomical Mis-stories in Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho
Bo Earle, "World Legislation: the Form and Function of a Romantic Cosmopolitanism" 
Vivien Jones, "Reading for England: Austen, Taste, and Female Patriotism" 
Julie Kipp, "Back to the Future: Walter Scott on the Politics of Radical Reform in Ireland and Scotland" 
Celeste Langan, "Coup De Tête: Napoleon’s Supposed Epilepsy" 
Deborah Elise White, "Victor Hugo's Romantic Exile"

2004 (ERR 15.2) | Placing Romanticism--Sites, Borders, Forms. Guest Editors: Michael Macovski and Sarah Zimmerman 
Michael Macovski, "Placing Romanticism--Sites, Borders, Forms" 
Judith Thompson, "From Forum to Repository: A Case Study in Romantic Cultural Geography" 
Theresa M. Kelley, "Romantic Nature Bites Back: Adorno and Romantic Natural History" 
Charles J. Rzepka, "Sacrificial Sites, Place-Keeping, and 'Pre-History' in Wordsworth's 'Michael'" 
Kevis Goodman, "Magnifying Small Things: Georgic Modernity and the Noise of History" 
Julia M. Wright, "National Erotics and Political Theory in Morgan's The O'Briens and the O'Flahertys" 
Anne-Lise Francois, "The Starring of Loss in Wordsworth and Dickinson" 
Beth Lau, "Placing Jane Austen in the Romantic Period: Self and Solitude in the Works of Austen and the Male Romantic Poets" 
Daniel E. White, "'Mysterious Sanctity': Sectarianism and Syncretism from Volney to Hemans" 
Debbie Lee, "Java, Insincerity, and Imposture: The Stories of Stamford Raffles and Mary Baker" 
Maureen N. McLane, "Tuning the Multi-Media Nation, or, Minstrelsy of the Afro-Scottish Border ca. 1800" 
Suzie Park, "Resisting Demands for Depth in The Wanderer" 
Timothy Morton, "Wordsworth Digs the Lawn" 
Jeffrey N. Cox, "Communal Romanticism" 
Tilar J. Mazzeo, "Coleridge, Plagiarism, and the Psychology of the Romantic Habit" 
Karen Weisman, "The Bounds of Lyric: Romantic Grasps Upon the Actual" 
Catherine Burroughs (ed.), "Producing Joanna Baillie" 
Michael Bradshaw, "Review of the Performance of Death's Jest-Book" 

2003 (ERR 14.2) | Romanticism and History. Guest Editor: Joel Faflak 
Joel Faflak, "Romanticism and History" 
Julie Carlson, "Fancy's History" 
Sophie Thomas, "Assembling History: Fragments and Ruins" 
Tilottama Rajan, "Spirit's Psychoanalysis: Natural History, the History of Nature, and Romantic Historiography" 
Mark Hewitt, "[Re]Zoning the Naïve: Schiller's Construction of Auto-Historiography" 
Jerrold E. Hogle, "The Gothic-Romantic Relationship: Underground Histories in 'The Eve of St. Agnes'" 
William Galperin, "The Uses and Abuses of Austen's 'Absolute Historical Pictures'" 
Yoon Sun Lee, "Time, Money, Sanctuary and Sociality in Scott's The Fortunes of Nigel" 
Julia M. Wright, "'The Same Dull Round Over Again': Colonial History in Moore’s Memoirs of Captain Rock" 
Dino Felluga, "The Fetish-Logic of Bourgeois Subjectivity, or, the Truth the Romantic Poet Reveals about the Victorian Novel" 
David Clark, "We 'Other Prussians': Bodies and Pleasures in De Quincey and Late Kant" 

2002 (ERR 13.2) | Romantic Subjects. Guest Editors: Gary Handwerk and Debbie Lee. 

Gary Handwerk and Debbie Lee, "NASSR 2001: Romantic Subjects" 
Rebecca Gagan, "Hegel Beside Himself: Unworking the Intellectual Community" 
A. C. Goodson, "The Eye of Melancholy: Zimmerman's Solitude and Romantic Interiority" 
Keith Chapin, "The Grammar of Musical Communication: Two Versions of Counterpoint in Early Romantic Literature" 
Tili Boon Cuillé, "The Sublime and the Grotesque: Opera and the Romantic Aesthetic" 
Anne K. Mellor, "Interracial Sexual Desire in Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya" 
William Davis, "Mathilda and the Ruin of Masculinity" 
Peter Melville, "The Sleepy Carib: Rousing the 'Native Informant' in Rousseau" 
Esther Wohlgemut, "'What Do You Do With That At Home?': The Cosmopolitan Heroine and the National Tale" 
Sharon Alker, "The Business of Romance: Mary Brunton and the Virtue of Commerce" 
Jan Mieszkowski, "The Syntax of the Revolution" 
J. M. Baker, Jr., "Bipolarity in Novalis' Critique of the Christian Religion" 

2001 (ERR 12.2) | Romanticism and the Physical. Guest Editors: Jerrold E. Hogle, Mark Lussier, and Bryan Short.

Jerrold E. Hogle, Mark Lussier, and Bryan Short, "Romanticism and the Physical: An Introduction." 
Clifford Siskin, "VR Machine: Romanticism and the Physical" 
Kate Rigby, "The Rediscovery of (the Other) Place in European Romanticism" 
Anna Vaughn Clissold, "Matters of Necessity: Schelling's Timaeus and the Relation of Plato's Chora to the Understanding of Nature" 
Don Kelly Coble, "The Anthropology of Evil in Kant and Schelling" 
David M. Baulch, "Reflective Aesthetics and the Last Judgment: Blake's Sublime and Kant's Third Critique
Michael Gamer, "Authorizing The Baviad: William Gifford and The Satires of Juvenal" 
Jeanne Moskal, "Cleanliness, Dirt, and Nationalism in Ann Radcliffe's Dutch Travels" 
Melynda Nuss, "'The Gory Head Rolls Down the Giants' Steps!': The Return of the Physical in Byron's Marino Faliero
Robert Kaufman, "The Work of Romanticism in the Age of Mechanical Postmodernism" 

2000 (ERR 11.2) | Romanticism and the New. Guest Editors: Kathleen McConnell and Laura Landon. 

Kathleen McConnell and Laura Landon, "Romanticism and the New" 
Tilottama Rajan, "System and Singularity from Herder to Hegel" 
Dino Felluga, "'With a Most Voiceless Thought': Byron and the Radicalism of Textual Culture" 
George Elliott Clarke, "Racing Shelley, or Reading The Cenci as a Gothic Slave Narrative" 
Haley Bordo, "Reinvoking the 'Domestic Muse': Anna Laetitia Barbauld and the Performance of Genre" 
Michael G. Miller, "Modern Neuroscience and Coleridge's Theory of the Imagination" 
Michael Kohler, "A Romantic Critique of Ecological Modernization" 
John L. Greenaway, "Acoustic Figures and the Romantic Soul of Reason" 
Ann T. Gardiner, "Obiter Dicta: Germaine de Stael in the Times, July 1817" 
Robert Lapp, "Romanticism Repackaged: The New Faces of 'Old Man' Coleridge in Fraser's Magazine, 1830-35" 
Pam Perkins, "A Taste for Scottish Fiction: Christian Johnstone's Cook and Housewife's Manual"

1999 (ERR 10.2) | 1798 and Its Implications. Guest Editors: Angela Esterhammer and Julia M. Wright. 

Angela Esterhammer and Julia M. Wright, "Introduction: Implications of 1798" 
Andrew Lincoln, "What Was Published in 1798?" 
Paul Youngquist, "Lyrical Bodies: Wordsworth's Physiological Aesthetics" 
Jacqueline M. Labbe, "Deflected Violence and Dream-Visions in Mary Robinson's Lyrical Tales" 
Geraldine Friedman, "Rereading 1798: Melancholy and Desire in the Construction of Edgeworth's Anglo-Irish Union" 
Nicholas M. Williams, "'Bewildering Dreams and Extravagant Fancies': The Sublime of Population in Thomas Malthus" 
Winfried Menninghaus, "'Disgusting Impotence' and Romanticism" 
Michael Arshagouni, "Bridging the Gap: Reichardt's Die Geisterinsel as a Link Between the Worlds of Enlightenment and Romanticism" 
Fabienne Moore, "'Revolution' or 'Deplorable School'? Chateaubriand's Analysis of French and British Romanticism in the Memoiresd'outre-tombe" 
Greg Kucich, "'The Wit in the Dungeon': Leigh Hunt and the Gender Politics of Cockney Coteries" 
David Punter, "Revising the Uncanny"

1998 (ERR 9.2) | Romanticism and Its Others. Guest Editors: Robert Alexander, Adam Carter, Kevin D. Hutchings, and Neville F. Newman. 

Robert Alexander, Adam Carter, Kevin D. Hutchings, and Neville F. Newman, "Alterity in the Discourses of Romanticism" 
Arkady Plotnitsky, "A Dancing Arch: Formalization and Singularity in Kleist, Shelley and de Man" 
Karen A. Weisman, "Provocation and Person-hood: Romanticism In Extremis" 
Fabienne Moore, "Chateaubriand's Alter Egos: Napoleon, Madame de Staël and the 'Indian Savage'" 
Balachandra Rajan, "Monstrous Mythologies: Southey and The Curse of Kehama" 
Daniel O'Quinn, "Inchbald's Indies: Domestic and Dramatic Re-Orientations" 
Gary Handwerk, "Envisioning India: Friedrich Schlegel's Sanskrit Studies and the Emergence of Romantic Historiography" 
Susan Murley, "The Use of Marginalia in Coleridge's Aids to Reflection: Collaboration as Supplementation" 
Michael Laplace-Sinatra, "Science, Gender and Otherness in Shelley's Frankenstein and Kenneth Branagh's Film Adaptation" 
Marc Redfield, "Spectral Romanticisms"  
Karen Swann, "The Strange Time of Reading" 
Jerrold E. Hogle, "The Gothic Ghost as Counterfeit and its Haunting of Romanticism: The Case of 'Frost at Midnight'" 
Laura Quinney, "Wordsworth's Ghosts and the Model of the Mind" 

1997 (ERR 8.2) | British Romanticism: Global Crossings. Guest Editors: Elizabeth Fay and Alan Richardson. 

Elizabeth Fay and Alan Richardson, "British Romanticism: Global Crossings" 
Charles J. Rzepka, "Thomas De Quincey's 'Three-Fingered Jack': The West Indian Origins of the 'Dark Interpreter'" 
Nanora Sweet, "'Hitherto closed to British enterprise': Trading and Writing the Hispanic World circa 1815" 
Anne K. Mellor, "Romanticism, Gender and the Anxieties of Empire: An Introduction"
Tilar J. Mazzeo, "'A mixture of all the styles': Colonialism, Nationalism, and Plagiarism in Shelley's Indian Circle" 
Debbie Lee, "Mapping the Interior: African Cartography and Shelley's The Witch of Atlas
Diane Long Hoeveler, "Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya: A Case Study in Miscegenation as Sexual and Racial Nausea"