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  • published Romanticism and Justice in Conferences 2022-08-31 08:26:32 -0400

    Romanticism and Justice


    NEW: Conference Website 

    Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX
    Wednesday, March 29, 2023 Preconference Day: Prisons, Literature, and Activism

    The organizers of NASSR 2023 invite proposals for papers (350 words), panels (1,000 words), roundtables (500 words), and other innovative presentation formats (1,000-1,500 words) on the theme of “Romanticism and Justice” from scholars of every rank and relevant discipline.

    Recent discussions of 'justice' have enlarged the field of Romanticism to include (for example) environmental, social, and epistemic justice, at the same time as Romantic scholarship has returned to investigate the institutions of criminal justice and their histories. These lines of inquiry recognize that conceptions of 'justice' in the era of revolutions have been formative to modern institutions and sensibilities. We welcome presentations that explore Romanticism's connection to justice, understood in the widest possible sense. Talks that engage Romanticism's geographical, linguistic, and/or methodological scope in areas that advance diversity and inclusion in the field are especially welcome.

    Home to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Huntsville, Texas, seems a particularly apt place to discuss issues of justice, and we welcome papers that engage with the conference location and history.

    Although America's sprawling penal system—a collection of some five thousand jails and prisons—is highly decentralized, Huntsville, perhaps even more than Washington, D.C., could stake a claim to serve as its capital city. For 160 years, it has coordinated criminal punishment for the Lone Star State and, in the last half century, it has stood at the forefront of a carceral revolution that has remade American society and governance. (Robert Perkinson, Texas Tough: The Rise of America's Prison Empire)

    Conference activities will include tours of the Texas Prison Museum, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, and TDCJ's Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery.

    As past conferences of NASSR have done, the NASSR 2023 conference also aims to be an opportunity to consider the future of Romanticism as a critical field of humanist study, and to strategize about the role of Romanticism in shaping the future of the university. To that end, we welcome proposals on Romanticism beyond the scope of the conference theme.

    Topics may include (but are not limited to):

    • The cultural evolution of criminality and criminology
    • Prison literature and prison publications
    • Imperialism and race: abolitionism, state crimes, extrajudicial killings, and global justice
    • The gendering of crime and other gender inequities
    • Courtroom dramas, famous trials, celebrated decisions, and the theater of justice
    • Codes of law, revolutionary justice, and utopianism
    • Remorse and terror, the affects of justice
    • The aesthetics of crime and punishment: sublimity, ennui, pastoral visions of justice
    • Contending authorities: sacred law, state law, and the profane
    • Law in liminal and hybrid spaces: international law, human rights, and transatlantic republicanism, anarchism, and socialism
    • Representation and justice
    • Justice in popular print culture, court proceedings and caricatures
    • Land appropriation and enclosures, population displacement, environmental degradation, slow violence, and climate justice
    • Animals and the law, animal rights and representation
    • Jurisdictions, war crimes, colonialism
    • Architecture of justice: Old Bailey, Newgate Prison, Bastille, Walnut Street Prison, façades and scaffolds
    • Ireland and injustice: Penal Laws, 1798 Rebellion, rack-rent
    • Pandemics and justice, lazarettos, and the criminalization of disease
    • Narratives of reformation, rehabilitation, and/or incapacitation
    • Systemic racism in the institutions of justice
    • State-sanctioned violence, prosecution, and persecution
    • Procedural justice, courtrooms and the halls of justice, sentencing and criminal records
    • Punishment, incarceration, transportation, capital punishment
    • Distributive justice, equity, and restorative justice: reconciliations, restitutions, and reparations
    • 'Justice' beyond institutions: dueling, revenge, riots, unrest, lynching, and vigilantism
    • Poetic justice, just deserts, and the representation of justice
    • Whose canon? The history and future of social justice and engagement in Romantic pedagogy

    Submit proposals to [email protected] by October 31, 2022. Please specify in your proposal if you plan on attending in person or remotely.

    Conference Organizer: Michael Demson, Sam Houston State University. Conference-related inquiries can be directed to [email protected]   

    March 29, 2023 at 7:00am - April 02, 2023 at 7:00am
    1905 University Ave
    Huntsville, TX 77340
    United States
    Google map and directions

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    Like many other scholarly associations, NASSR welcomes and appreciates donations from those members who are in the position to make them. As with all revenue generated by NASSR, donations will be used for a number of worthy causes, including supporting graduate student travel, supporting conference organisers, compensating student RAs, and contributing to awards and prizes. There are no salaried workers at NASSR; all Board members are volunteers. As such, 100% of your donation is invested in the Society.  


  • published European Romantic Review 2021-04-11 05:54:43 -0400

    European Romantic Review

    European Romantic Review (ERR) is published six times per year by Taylor and Francis, and is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of literature, history, philosophy and art. Each year, it publishes a NASSR Conference Issue and awards the ERR-NASSR Essay Prize. All NASSR members receive ERR as one of the benefits of membership.

    European Romantic Review can be accessed online

    ERR is pleased to publish conference issues, developed from the annual NASSR conference, as well as special issues, such as recent ones dedicated to Robert Bloomfield and to Maria Edgeworth. We are also pleased to publish themed issues, such as Women and Protest. Enquiries about special issues should be directed to the co-editors.

    In 2004, NASSR and European Romantic Review instituted an annual prize for the best essay published in European Romantic Review.  Each competition considers all of the essays published in that year's volume of ERR. The 2021 awardee is Lisa Ann Robertson (U of South Dakota) for “‘Kindred Forms’: Erasmus Darwin’s Posthuman Ethics of Relationality” (32.5-6)

    Winning articles can be accessed freely here

    Submitted manuscripts must comply with the MLA Style Manual and, to facilitate anonymous peer review, should indicate the author’s name only on a cover sheet. Submissions should be made through the "Manuscript Central" (or "Scholar One") system accessible at This website includes detailed directions to guide authors through each step; the co-editors remain available to answer questions at [email protected] or [email protected]. Book reviews are commissioned and mostly multi-book reviews; inquiries about reviews may be directed to the Book Review Editor at [email protected]. Tables of contents for recent issues are available through the Taylor & Francis website.


    Editors' Addresses:

    Consulting Editor:

    Regina Hewitt | English Dept. | University of South Florida | Tampa, FL | USA 33620 

    Benjamin Colbert | Department of Humanities| Housman Bldg. | University of Wolverhampton  | Camp St. | Wolverhampton | WV1 1AD UK
    Lucy Morrison | Kayser 208 | University of Nebraska at Omaha | 6001 Dodge Street | Omaha, NE 68182 USA

    Review Editor:
    William D. Brewer | Department of English | ASU Box 32052 | Sanford Hall | 225 Locust Street | Appalachian State University | Boone, NC 28608 | U.S.A.

    Editorial Board:

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    International Advisory Board:

    William Christie
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    Three-Year Membership

    NASSR offers a three-year membership option for a one-time payment of $195 USD. As with annual memberships, you will receive a renewal reminder when your account is about to expire. Beyond duration, multi-year membership is identical to annual membership in all ways.



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    Precariously Employed Scholar Fund

    In an effort to offer more financial help to under-supported members of NASSR, we invite people to consider donating to the Precariously Employed Scholar Fund. This fund is intended to support graduate students as well as instructors with precarious or no employment (eg. post-doctoral students, adjunct professors, unwaged, and independent scholars) to attend NASSR conferences and to defray costs of events/sessions at the conference organized to support these members.

    The fund was established by vote of the Advisory Board and Executive Council in 2018.

    Please note: a donation to this fund does not include a NASSR membership. 


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